How Do You Use a Blog to Your Advantage?

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Blogs are cheap and easy ways to express yourself online.
However, most people use blogs as a form of online angst journal. Nevertheless,
there are ample opportunities to turn that blog into a viable job promoting
tool. A blog can display the same information that you put on your resume but
in a far more detailed way. Having a blog acts as a central nuclei for you to
post information about yourself that employers can reference.

The great thing about a blog is that it is usually free and
you have unlimited space to post as much as you want. If you want to use this
blog as a professional tool, you need to keep your blog posts concise and on
topic. You don’t want potential employers to see your blog and just see post
after post of personal angst.

If you are going to use your blog as a professional tool, it
helps if you go about doing so with a premeditated mindset. Make a whole new
blog for your professional achievements that is separate from your personal
one. Invest some production quality into your blog. Get a snazzy banner and put
a few dollars into designing your blog.

Still, this all begs the question of what exactly should you
post on your professional blog. This asset suits itself to some professions
over other. Those who work in a field where blog content can be advantage will
certainly feel the advantage here. These fields are typically in the arts, such
as artists and writers, who can post their work online and show potential
employers what they can do.

Post links to articles you write so that everything feeds
into your blog. Post new artwork or links to clients who are using your work if
you are an artist so that when you recommend employers to your blog. Think of
your blog as an online resume that you can continually update and refer
employers to. So many employees get in trouble for their social networking
pages that may display info and photos that most employers would frown upon.
Make this webpage work in your favor as an asset by keeping it professional and
job orientated.

Have you made a blog that demonstrates your ability to do a
certain job? Any suggestions or recommendations that this article hasn’t
covered? Let us know in the comments section and share your experience and

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