Is Your Social Networking Page Sabotaging Your Job Chances?

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Pretty much everyone has a social networking page in some
shape. Whether it is a Facebook profile, a Twitter account or a Myspace page, online social networking is a huge part of modern online life. It’s how we stay in contact with our friends and family. It allows us to share photos and to comment on what everyone else is doing. In short, our social lives are becoming digitized because it not only extends our reach but it’s a lot easier to keep up with everyone online.

Nevertheless, while online social networking may be fun and easy, there is a chance it may be sabotaging your job chances. It’s no secret that companies are performing background checks on their potential hires.

However, they are taking it so far that these same employers are also examining a candidate’s social networking page. This means all those memories and conversation, especially those incriminating pictures of you doing a keg stand,
can be used against you to disqualify you for employment due to unprofessional conduct.

Yes, it seems terribly unfair and intrusive. It is hard to justify this behavior. It is very Big Brother like. However, companies do it and it is within their rights to do so. All of the information on a social networking page is public. It is one thing for them to spy on your emails. But the information you put on Facebook are on a public page. You’re just asking for people to look at it.

So, how do you not let your social networking page hold you back? You could just go ahead and delete your page and let the whole matter be settled. But, this is a pretty unlikely proposition for people. Everyone wants to have an online presence. Just because you want a job doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life. However, how many times have you heard stories about someone getting fired for posting a status about their boss online? It crops up from time to time and seems to justify the argument for professionals abolishing their online social network page.

The best way to not let your Facebook page hold you back is to make the settings for it private. While you can comb through and eliminate some of the more incriminating photos, just make your page private so only your friends can see your content. It’s a simple way of protecting yourself against unwanted views and from potentially sabotaging yourself by having an online social presence.

Any instances of being sabotaged by your social networking page? Sound off in the comment section and let us know.

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