Success Stories

Jeff Andrews
Vice President of IPC Technologies

I couldn’t put Landon’s book down. Whether you’re a college student or Fortune 500 CEO, his novel is filled with brilliantly taught new stuff about interviewing in today’s ultracompetitive job market. I only wish I read it when I was 20!


Diana Joana
24 yrs, IL

Thanks Landon!.

Simply said, utilizing your services was hands down, the best decision I have made since beginning my job search. Even with a bad economy there are still jobs out there. I accepted a position today at a prestigious company in downtown Chicago. I’d been looking for a job for about 3 months and the techniques you teach in your newsletters and book helped me out immensely… I can’t thank you enough for the changes you have helped me make in my resume and in all aspects of my job search!”


Washington DC

I’m a computer professional with nearly a decade of experience. Even though this book seems focused on a younger audience, it helped me land a 10k raise by using a few of the psychological techniques described within it.

Basically, I reminded my employer of my value to the market, my value to the company and introduced the suspicion that I was looking elsewhere.

A few recruiters had called the main office asking for my contact information. I replied back to the admin person and made a side comment/joke about my loyalty to the company. She responded with saying that she thought that she should mention my loyalty to the owners.

We had just gotten off a very successful project, and I sent an email to the owners asking if they’d write a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. I framed the request as wanting to get the recommendation now while the success of the project was fresh in their minds. Each one replied something like, “Woah! You aren’t leaving, are you?”

These events did three things: reinforced my scarcity, reminded them of my value to the company and let them consider the possibility of me leaving.

I was then planning to contact the owners and request a raise. However, before I got around to it, they offered me a 10k raise without me even asking for it. No joke.

Oh… the other cool thing about this book is that it reads like a novel, not like a manual. So that made it pretty easy to read and internalize the information.


Stacy Neier
Marketing Professor, Loyola University

Landon’s book is REALLY engaging. You get a good sense of the characters as you want to relate to every other person within the book so you start to identify with them by saying, “Hey I’m kinda of like that person” or “I could have been friends with that person.”

I’ve read other books that were similar but I think this one is actually more pragmatic since you can “hands on” apply the lessons the minute you read it. That’s what separates this one from a lot of the other books that claim to teach interview advice… you can’t use them right away. This is something that you can actually put down and go out and practice. Others are just more theoretical.

I would suggest this book for any recent college graduate but even more to the seniors who are actively attempting to get into the job market. I really think from a student prospective anyone entering their senior year who is just feeling a little bit unsure and uncomfortable about what the next steps are, to me that would be the primary audience that wouldn’t be able to put this book down.


Berkeley, CA

Nothing, nothing will get more job offers than this totally awesome little gem. The Unspoken Rules Of Getting Hired completely rewrites the rules for the real world. There couldn’t be a better time to make this book available for college students. Do yourself a favor and really help yourself right now. I’ve used only a fraction of what’s outlined in the book. Within a week I was working again (after 9 months of futility) and offers are still coming in.


Seattle, WA

The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired takes a unique look at today’s job market and job hunters, identifying many of the common pitfalls and misconceptions about how to effectively search for not just a job, but the job that you want. Though not a current job seeker, I work for a large international professional services firm that does extensive campus recruiting and interviewing each year, which I am a major part of. I can assuredly say that many of the techniques and strategies towards networking, researching and demonstrating value will truly get you noticed and provide you the best opportunities at landing a quality job.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but was honestly blown away at how densely packed this book is with valuable information and strategies. Even the most accomplished professionals will get some great takeaways from the content presented.

As with any recruiting/interviewing book, if you aren’t really serious about getting a good job and aren’t willing to put in the extra effort to get one (we don’t just give them away), then don’t bother with this book, you can just stand in line with everyone else. However, if you want to set yourself apart, stand out to a prospective employer and start building a network of mentors and colleagues, this is a small investment towards one of the biggest decisions of your life.


Issaquah, WA

I recently graduated from college and having gone through all of my university’s career center resources, and Landon Long has been by far the most helpful in my job hunt. They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Well, he’s tipped the balance back in favor for those of us without all those connections. I landed 5 interviews in 1 week and they still keep coming in! Thanks Landon!


Accounting Director, Chicago, IL

Great job, Landon!

I would say as a hiring manager that the so-called “secrets” that Landon teaches are what I wished every applicant I interview knew. The process of finding the right candidate for a position is difficult, time-consuming and prone to failure. Most applicants don’t have a clear picture of themselves and what they bring to an organization, and hiring managers are often left filling in the gaps. Landon does a good job of explaining the mindset of hiring managers, but a GREAT job in giving you perspectives for identifying and articulating your strengths and weaknesses. If everyone put as much effort in differentiating themselves from others, our jobs as hiring managers would be a piece of cake.


Denver, CO

Landon really made things “click” for me. Since I’ve been on the job search (6 months now), I’ve read countless books on resume writing, interviewing, and even done some one-on-one interview coaching. After awhile everything starts to sound the same. However, “The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired” offered some truly unique ideas. I read the book in just a few days, and then went back and re-read the chapter summaries about a week later. The specific techniques suggested in this book are good to implement, but for me it was the bigger picture ideas of how to attack the job search and interview process that made the biggest difference. I feel like this book gave me the last sliver of confidence I needed to really nail my interviews – now I know I’m in the driver’s seat whenever I get a job lead. Final note: I received two job offers last week for positions that I’m really excited about. I’ve scheduled follow-up meetings with both companies this week to help make my final decision. It will sure feel good to be employed again!!


DePaul University Senior

I have enjoyed Landon’s book, learned a lot from it, and would recommend it to everyone I know. The number one reason that made this type of “coaching” book so appealing is that it was written in the form of a story instead of regular texbook. It was very easy to follow and each theory and technique was re-caped at the back, so you can definitely find your way around once you’re done reading the whole book. It helped my job search tremendously and I gain great insights that were not taught at all how-to workshops that I have attended.



I graduated in 2008 at 24 and I was applying to everywhere for a job during the summer. The temp job I had part-time turned to full-time in the fall. I applied to positions in that company and got interviews, but never any offers. I practiced answers to questions and I realized after my lay-off in October, I never was truly myself. Your book showed me how to market myself better and what I have to offer. The Maverick Technique showed how to differentiate myself from all the other job candidates. With the job I have now, my interview was amongst the best I had. I received an offer two days after. During my time of unemployment from October 2009 to February 2010, I went through a period of self-discovery and realizing I have a lot to offer (as everyone does) companies with skills and traits. New grads must know themselves before they go job hunting so they can get work easier.

It’s a job, but it’s a foot in the door and I think new college grads need to see you need to get your foot in the door for a company you want to work for somewhere.

You have a good day Landon and keep on helping those looking for work! People can find work in this economy, they just have to be willing to go the extra mile.