Systems Engineers Have Best Jobs In America?

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a certified systems engineer Do you have the best job in America? If you’re a systems engineer, according to CNN Money, then you have the top spot in the country. A systems engineer is the overarching big brain behind large projects with multiple moving parts. These information tech gurus coordinate the efforts of smaller engineering teams to produce big results.

Originally a fringe job specific to the defense industry or an aeronautics firm, systems engineer is becoming hot commodities to other sector beyond things that fly or drop nuclear bombs. Companies such as Xerox and BMW are currently headhunting for systems engineers. Other industries include medical prosthesis developers and other high tech fields.

Systems engineers combine the six figure earning potential of many executives with a more hands on, creative intensive approach of those who are doing work in the trenches. “The transit system I work on really makes a tangible difference to people,” says Anne O’Neil, chief systems engineer for the New York City Transit Authority. This field usually has its sights set on the big picture with systems engineers supervising the project from planning to completion.

However, tight deadlines may deter some hopeful applicants as well as long working hours. Nevertheless, being a systems engineer requires just an undergraduate degree in engineering. Depending on the company addition credentials may be required in the form of a certified systems engineer professional (CSEP) license.

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