6 Idiot-Proof Ways To Creating The Best Resume

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creating the best resumeGetting out into the real world with the best resume isn’t so much a matter of showcasing your successes but hiding your failures. In essence you want to idiot proof yourself. This conscious decision will go a long way into crafting the best resume you can that grabs the attention of employers looking for that idiot proof employee.

  1. Lay it out– Load your best resume with the best formatting you can. Be clear and concise. A hiring manager shouldn’t have to examine a flow chart or cheat sheet to understand where you went to school or what your last job was.

  2. Clean it up– Ditch the needless and go straight for the essential. Unless you like wearing an apron and a funny hat drop the summer you worked at McDonald’s from your potentially best resume. Put job experiences that are actually relevant. You’re going to be a hard sell walking into a bank for an interview with a resume saying all you did was rob banks for a living.

  3. Dress it up- Remember hearing that extracurricular activities would pay off down the road and that you’d have the best resume out there if you did something with your spare time? Well, now is that time to tell everyone you rocked as a volunteer ladling soup to the homeless. It may sound sappy but showcasing these outside activities demonstrate that you are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Plus you’ll look less like a callous jerk when the applicant next to you lists their time scraping oil off seabirds as their hobby.

  4. Professionalize-Make sure you’re using language that is becoming of a potential young professional with the best resume in hand. Saying y’all, ain’t or MaKinG yOur ResUmE LQQk l1ke ThIS!!! won’t help you an inch.

  5. Call Me- Including contact information isn’t just common sense but probably one of the most essential things on the best resume. List your name, telephone number and email address so your sparkling fresh best resume has an owner attached to it.

  6. Be Concise- Just the facts, ma’am. Stick to the basics when it comes to describing your education and past job experience. Too much information will bloat your resume. Trim the fat where you can using direct verbs that describe what you did at your last job. Leave your personal feelings at the door when it comes to making the best resume.

Simple as that really. Making the best resume really depends on you and your experiences. Just use action centric language that shows how much you really did at your prior occupations even if you barely did anything. With these six tips in mind you’ll have the best resume in no time.


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Best Resumes: 5 Critiques Your Professors Never Told You About

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writing  best resumesThe best resumes follow a very simple formula that has many variations but centers around the simple premise of being simple to read and relevant to the job at hand. Essentially the best resumes don’t play around and get right to the point. Although as you go on you might find ways of making your resume play to your strengths, crafting one of the best resumes requires examining what you’ve done and picking it apart with utter ruthlessness an determination. Possible employers are sure to be doing the same when you hand it in. Take a gander at these five critiques that should hopefully allow your resume to stand with the best of them.

  1. Does it Make Sense?– Can anyone follow what you’ve trying to say on your resume, a potential candidate as one of the best resumes? It may sound all well and good to you but that’s because you lived through it. Can an outsider with no knowledge of your life understand the sequence of events that brought you to where you are now?

  2. Is it Relevant?– We all can’t pick and choose the jobs we get, often jobs are taken out of necessity. However, despite your motivations for cleaning toilets, some jobs take precedence when writing one of the best resumes. Make sure your job experience fits, or at least has some type of connection to what you’re applying to.

  3. Am I Ready for This? Sometimes that perfect dream job might be within your reach, but consider if you’re even ready to take the plunge. Just because you graduated college doesn’t mean to be widely optimistic. A positive outlook is excellent. Just don’t become hopelessly naïve or rely on wishful thinking. Look at your resume and determine if where your sending it to is ready for you. Think if you’re ready for it.

  4. Does it Make Me Look Good?– The best resumes always build up the person behind it. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed about anything on your resume. If you do then it’s back to the drawing board for sure. The best resumes showcase excellence. Only put your best work and your highest honors on your resume. You should feel proud enough to pin your resume to the front of your shirt. Hitting this milestone will let you know if you’re there or not.

  5. Do They Know Who I Am?– The whole purpose of sending out a resume is so a potential employer can know who you are. Make sure you provide the details on getting back in touch with you. Simple as it sounds it’s a component of the best resumes. Name, telephone number and email address is all it takes.

You’re already on track to have one of the best resumes by reviewing your resume with these five critiques in mind. Most importantly take pride in crafting a resume. It’s an abridged story of you. Focus on that and you’ll have one of the best resumes in no time.


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6 Incredible Best Resume Hacks

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hack-your-best-resumeWhat’s the secret to having the best resume out there? What does it take to differentiate yours as the best resume around from the countless masses? Attaching a hundred dollar bill seems to be the obvious answer. Offering up a little money on the side is a sure way to grease your way to a surefire job, it may even be the best resume available. However, in this day and age, who has spare Benjamins lying around their crib? Surely those seeking jobs don’t. Instead, consider this list of six potent hacks for crafting the best resume. Each hack, working in tandem, may be that irresistible force to help budge the immoveable object of picky employers.

1) Know Your Audience – As simple as it sounds, knowing who you’re submitting to is tremendously essential in creating the best resume around. If you’re applying to be a text book sales person at Scholastic Inc. don’t say reading is for losers. If you’re looking to be the next production assistant on a children’s TV show, refrain from using an email address like bongmaster6969@imanidiot.com. Tailor your resume to suit the company you’re applying to and make it the best resume you can.

2) Be Sure to Research Your Intended Employer – This one goes without saying in making the best resume. Make sure who you’re applying to is who you think it is. In many instances a simple letter change or flip alters who you’re applying to. If you’re blindly dropping your best resume online like spam, be careful. A quirky letter variation can turn a Fortune 500 into a porn site.

3) Go Digital – Having the best resume is just the gateway drug to the larger world of you. Provide links to social sites that showcase skills, traits and work employers would be interested in seeing. However, this can ruin your best resume if you don’t…

4) Clean Up Your Image – Letting employers view your online presence is a double edge sword. All those Facebook pictures of kegstands don’t play well with potential interviewers. Ditch the spring break 2007 debauchery if you intend to nab a professional gig. The same applies to the best resume. Remove references to your time at Burger World as a “Custodial Services Engineer” if you aspire to white collar dolla, dolla, bill ya’ll.

5) Provide Only Relevant Information – No one cares you were Prom King in high school. If that’s on your best resume then no wonder you’re stuck in the parent’s basement. Never the less, applicants often crash and burn when it comes to listing personal attributes. List skills and activities that would appeal to the people signing your paycheck, such as being disciplined, efficient and good at meeting deadlines. The same axiom applies to being overconfident. Being a “badass” doesn’t impress a future boss.

6) Grow Up – If you want to be a professional then look it with your best resume. Submit a resume that isn’t written on the back of a Denny’s menu. As mentioned before, providing a contact email like cutieprincesswink12@juvenile.com was fun in middle school, but doesn’t have the same luster in today’s workplace. Develop a mature persona with a proper grownup email and the best resume formatting you can imagine.

While not an exhaustive list, these six best resume hacks are definitely a starting point on your way to the best resume possible.


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