How To Write A Good Resume That Will Make You Stand Out

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how to write a good resumeYou’ve found the job of your dreams. The only problem is you’re probably not the only one who wants the job and feels the exact same way. Short of tracking down every applicant and clawing their eyes out so that they can no longer compete against you for the job that was made for you, there’s not a whole lot you can do to ensure that you get hired.

Or is there? If you know how to write a good resume, or in some cases, create a good resume, you might be able to kill off the rest of the competition with ease. You just have to know how to go about doing this!

With these tips on how to write a good resume, you’ll be one step closer to that dream job or career. Just make sure that you are tactful and that your resume pertains to the job you’re after. You want to make an employer say “Wow” not “What an Idiot!”

Be Bold and Artistic

Sometimes knowing how to write a good resume isn’t all that you need to do. If you are going for an artsy or artistic job, or even just want to show that you blow the rest of the competition out of the water, you’ll want to think about your presentation.

You know what they say about looking good on paper… Including a picture of yourself in a bikini or Speedo, unfortunately won’t bode well in a professional environment. You’ll probably turn on a few employers, but they won’t call you for an interview if all you do is get them hot and bothered. Well, some of them might, but you probably won’t want to work for a pervert anyways.

Knowing how to write a good resume using word play though, or a creative, fancy design sometimes does work. So often you see resume writing advice saying to keep it simple, stick to a template and use black ink on white paper. Blah blah blah… BORING!

Use Photoshop or another design program to include some pics or cool examples of your work. For instance, if your field is website design, how cool would it be to make your resume look like a web page? Bright, vivid pictures, bold type and text boxes full of different information about you are going to draw the eye. How to write a good resume is just to make the employer want to read more, or perhaps put a face to this creative approach that you’ve dared to try.

Break the rules

Sometimes knowing how to write a good resume is about doing something that potential employers have never seen before. It’s a little unconventional, but one way to do this is with a video resume. Some people criticize this quickly growing form of resume sharing, but I think it’s gold.

I’m not telling you to make a soft core porn video a la Heidi Montag (I’m not knocking her looks- she paid good money for them, but her talent is lacking so much that she has to hump everything in sight on camera), but appearing interesting, talented, maybe even a little sexy or risqué on video is another thing that will definitely make you stand out and lead to an interview. Just keep it geared towards the job you’re after.

For instance, if you’re going for a sales gig, (sure, because we all dream of being in sales- excuse my examples, please!) include a clip of you with a client or a mock-client doing your thing. Impress your future employer with your mad skills and show them what they’re missing!

Make sure you dress the part too. But highlighting your best attribute, such as some pants that are tight in all the right places to show off a great ass (while still maintaining a professional appearance, of course!) doesn’t hurt. Studies do show that people that are physically attractive do tend to get the job over those that aren’t so much. So work what your momma gave you as you show off your job-related skills on camera.

Another unconventional how to write a good resume tip is to make a brochure highlighting your skills and attributes to really show you trying to sell yourself, or a PowerPoint presentation that makes your resume POP.

Other tips on how to write a good resume (or film one if that’s your plan) include being professional yet conversational, maybe being a little funny and really trying to show off your personality and the wide range of skills you have that pertain to the job. You want to stand out and show that you would not only be a good fit, but that you’re the only one that will be a good fit.

No matter how you choose to do it, as long as you’re willing to overstep boundaries a little bit (don’t break out the lingerie or anything, but the little tidbits mentioned here will do!) you’re sure to learn how to write a good resume that makes employers say, “I want to hire this person,” in no time at all.


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How To Write A Good Resume By Painting A Picture Of An A-Player Employee

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how to write a good resume

If you want to know how to write a good resume, remember that employers don’t just want to hire a good employee—they want to hire the best employee.  Even a hiring manager, who is really just an employee themselves, wants to find a 1 in a million rookie and look like a star to their boss.  So what you are doing in the interviewing process is trying to paint a picture of complete competence and high potential—you want to be the A-player that bosses wish they could find a dozen more of but have given up on doing.

When trying to gauge how to write a good resume, here are 3 things to keep in mind so that you can position yourself as the A-player.

1.  Appear Business Savvy

An A-player is not just another employee who shows up, puts in their hours, and collects a monthly salary.  Employees like that are a dime a dozen and nothing special.

Employers are impressed by a candidate who shows potential for a bright future in the company—not someone who is just going to deliver coffee for the rest of their career but someone who has a fighting chance and even likelihood to aim for positions in higher management.

2.  Indicate an Understand of the Bottom Line

You need to show that you realize the position is more than just a job.  It is an asset to the company, they expect that to translate into profits, and nothing is more refreshing than an employee how understands this.  Speak their language.  Use it in a way that demonstrates you are on the same page.

3.  Reveal a Track Record for Providing Value

Just that understanding of the bottom line really is huge, but what can even bring you better results is demonstrating a track record for producing results in other companies or achieving things in your life that would equal direct results in a corporate environment.  In other words, if you can show how your understanding of the bottom line produced results in the past, you can really set yourself aside as an A-player and get a hiring manager salivating.

One of the best ways to do this is try to communicate monetary or quantitative values that can be attached to your accomplishments (I talk about how to do this in my book).  When a manager is thinking in terms of investment and money, it is hard for them to not be impressed by numbers.

Becoming an A-player is within reach if you just know how to market yourself, and you should start cultivating the habit of how to write a good resume that do add up to the A-player mentality because they can really bring success in your career and life.  Not to mention it is much easier to sell an identity you truly identify with.

Do you have any tips on how to write a good resume that portrays yourself as the super employee?  Please contribute and drop some comments below.


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