3 Reasons Why Preparing For An Interview Gets Better With Alcohol

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preparing for an interview thru alcohol

Could alcohol actually help in preparing for an interview?  We’ve been hearing for years that a glass of red wine can actually help stave off heart disease, but can it really be the answer to helping on your next job interview?

Anyone that has spent time preparing for an interview can tell you that it’s not a pleasant experience.  The stress alone can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, and even lack of sleep.  Here are three ways that moderate alcohol consumption prior to preparing for an interview might be the key to giving you the edge you need to succeed.

1. Alcohol can reduce anxiety.

Anxiety can destroy any attempts in preparing for an interview.  How can you possibly Google your potential boss when you’re too busy curled up in the fetal position? A study published in the American Journal of Public Health has shown a correlation between moderate consumption of alcohol and stress levels.  The study found that stress levels were actually lower in those that consumed moderate amounts of alcohol versus those that abstained.   So, perhaps the next time you’re cowering in the corner instead of preparing for an interview, try cowering near the liquor cabinet instead.

2. Alcohol can reduce blood pressure.

Sweating, raised heart rate, and even headaches can all be caused high blood pressure, or hypertension – even temporary hypertension caused by stress.  Are you finding that selecting your outfit for an interview is giving you a migraine? A Harvard study published in The Journal of Hypertension found the lowest levels of hypertension in young males consuming one to three drinks per day.  Perhaps the next time your preparing for an interview is causing you to break out in hives, you should reach for a martini instead of the calamine lotion.

3. Alcohol can help you sleep.

You’ve been preparing for an interview all night and finally allow yourself to hit the pillow.  You’re exhausted, and yet, you can’t sleep.  How many of us have laid awake for hours the night before an interview only to feel like a zombie the following day?  Could a snifter full of cognac be the answer to preparing for an interview? Perhaps a study isn’t necessary show the correlation between alcohol and sleep (I think most college students can prove that), but the key here is moderation.  A little alcohol can help relax you allowing you to fall asleep, but too much can actually disrupt your sleep patterns.  According to Alex Chediak, M. D., medical director of the Miami Sleep Disorders Center after several drinks, “Four hours into sleep, alcohol wears off and leaves you in an excitable state,” rendering your intentions moot.

Let’s be clear.  Pub crawls the night before preparing for an interview is not probably the way to go.  These studies were conducted with subjects consuming moderate amounts of alcohol – we’re talking a glass of red wine, not a fifth of vodka.  Still, if printing out copies of your resume, rehearsing your handshake, and ironing your suit is making your hair fall out, a drink or two might be one of the best ways to go about preparing for an interview. Trouble preparing for an interview? Perhaps a nightcap might be the answer.


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5 Shockingly Evil Things About Body Language You Need To Know Before Preparing For An Interview

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preparing for an interview can get tricky

Any nerd in high school can tell you that wearing or saying the wrong thing can get you beat up, but who knew the same rules applied to preparing for an interview?  The truth of the matter is, the job market is a lot like the school playground – you are judged by your appearance.  Non-verbal cues are extremely important.  It might not be right, but it’s true.

Before you begin preparing for an interview take a look at these shockingly evil things about body language you need to know:

1. Body form

It may not be politically correct to judge people based on physical appearance, but that doesn’t keep it from happening.  Consciously and not, people judge others based on the shape and condition of their bodies.  This can range from assuming that a person of fair skin tone doesn’t get out much or assuming that an overweight person is lazy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. How can this be avoided when preparing for an interview?  The key to preparing for an interview here is to make sure you are comfortable in your appearance.  Whether is wearing something that fits properly or dressing appropriate for your age, discomfort will be noticed above all else.  Comfort, on the other hand, can portray confidence.

2. Facial Maps

Every picture tells a story.  As it turns out, so do wrinkles.   Anything from frown lines to crows feet can show evidence of default facial expressions.  Thin lines above the lip can suggest often pursed lips and deep creases in the forehead can suggest a worried expression.  Of course, age and sun exposure have something to do with it as well.  Keep a trained eye when preparing for an interview.  You might want to keep your jokes to yourself if you see no evidence of laugh lines on your interviewer’s face.

3. Selective Perception

Hand in hand with physical form, is selective perception.  According to a study done for the University of Virginia published in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology in 2004, perception of an event can differ in participants of the study depending on expectation of said event. Simply put, humans filter information to suit their own needs.  For instance, people wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope are assumed to be doctors.  What does this mean for you preparing for an interview? Next time you’re preparing for an interview, ditch the contact lenses, as apparently those that wear glasses are assumed to be smarter.

4. Body signs

Too much partying when you should have been preparing for an interview?  Look for the Visene stat.  Interviewers are keen on noticing all body signs.  Excessive sweating, bags under the eyes, and even bitten finger nails can all be construed as negative signs.  Make sure you’ve had a decent night’s sleep and are polished from head to toe when preparing for an interview.  The smallest thing can put you over the edge or knock you out of the ball park when preparing for an interview.

Never getting that second interview?  Perhaps your saying more that you actually think.  Often times it’s what we don’t say that communicates volumes.  Make certain that you are aware of the signals you might be accidentally giving off.  Rehearse with a friend and ask them to notice any non-verbal cues that may be betraying you.  The more aware you are of your body language when preparing for an interview, the more you’ll be able to control them.


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