Second Interview Fashion Faux Pas – The Four Deadly Sins

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dont goto your second interview naked

You’ve managed to get score your second interview.  Bravo.  Pen, check.  Extra copies of your resume, check.  Hard copy of your references, check.  Outfit…crap.  It happens time and time again – the second interview fashion faux pas. It’s as if like interviewees are lulled into a false sense of security and feel they can get away with a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Here are the four top fashion mistakes made on the second interview:

1. Wearing the exact same thing to the second interview.

I get it, you’ve already worn the only suit that you own. Your  credit card is maxed out so a new purchase is out of the question.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to sell your kidney just yet.  This may be the time to call in that favor from that friend for the thing you did for them that one time.  Sizes vary, so I suggest making friends with at least one person that’s your size.  As for the friendless, skillfully chosen accessories can help freshen up an old look.  Also, try wearing a contrasting color shirt from the last time to play down the rerun.  Hint: Studies have shown that navy blue inspires confidence.

2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes to the second interview.

Nothing is more distracting than mind numbing pain (well, perhaps a shirtless Johnny Depp).  Anything that distracts you from your interview is a definite no no.  If you’re worried about wearing the same shoes as on the first interview, don’t be.  A shoe is a shoe, especially in dark colors.  Most importantly about second interview attire: never, and I repeat, never break in a pair of shoes at an interview, especially the second one.  You’ve already got enough on your plate to risk slipping, tripping, or the “I’m breaking in these shoes” dance.  The second interview is not the time to bust out your new Manolos.

3. Wearing too many accessories to the second interview.

Accessories can add a nice touch to a boring suit.  A slick tie, a neatly folded handkerchief, a cute necklace or a pretty scarf — all are good choices, but not all at once.  Just because you got to round two, it doesn’t mean you’re now allowed to bust out your inner Lady Gaga.  Keep it simple.  You do not want your potential boss to be hypnotized by your rave shirt instead of listening to the story about you rescuing that puppy from a burning building.

4. Wearing perfume to the second interview.

This one may seem odd, because TV makes us believe that smelling nice is a good thing (and TV would never lie to me). Unfortunately, a few individuals can have severe reactions to even the most subtle of smells.  It may seem more important to smell nice, but why risk encountering the one person on the planet that goes into convulsions from your CKOne.

Getting to that second interview is a major accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean you get to slack off now.  The key is to keep it simple, keep it professional, and keep it comfortable.  Armed with these simple rules, you’re bound to make a good impression on that second interview – well, you’ll at least look good trying!


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Second Interview Advice: 6 Tips That Will Land You In Prison

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dont fail the second interviewSo you made it to the second interview- but don’t stop holding your breath just yet.  You can still screw it up.  You’re probably not the only lucky candidate who gets to go on a second interview, so you have to make sure you don’t blow it.

You’ve probably studied up on all of that second interview advice for what to do, but what about what not to do?

Of course you want to try to stand out from the rest of the crowd vying for the job you want, but you can easily blow the second interview by being too weird or trying to be too different in your answers.  Yes, employers are looking for someone uniquely creative and different, but they don’t want to employ a weirdo or a psychopath.

Here is some helpful second interview advice to avoid making yourself look like an idiot or crazy person so that you hopefully don’t frighten your interviewer too much.

  1. Don’t lie! I know you want to sound intriguing and different, but seriously, when you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s not acceptable to say that you can’t answer the question because the information is “classified” because you worked for the CIA and you’re not allowed to talk about it.  If you try any far fetched or even little white lies during a second interview, they’re sure to come back and bite you in the ass at a later date.
  2. Don’t primp in public! Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who do stupid things when they think no one is looking.  Picking teeth (and noses!), brushing hair, and smelling armpits are skills that you do not need to show off during a second interview.  Do this stuff before you get there or excuse yourself to go to the restroom to make sure you look and smell your best.
  3. Don’t get too personal! Whether it’s a first, second, or even a third interview, its never appropriate to reveal information about yourself that an employer does not need to know.  It’s ok to mention your husband, wife or kids in passing, but there’s no need to talk about how your daughter is a lesbian or your son is a recovering drug addict.  They don’t care about your personal life, in fact, they’d rather you kept it just that- personal.
  4. Don’t badmouth a former employer! You may very well have quit your last job because your boss was a heartless wench, but you do not need to share this information on a second interview.  People often get to a more comfortable level with an interviewer at a second interview, so they might feel that they’re “cool” enough with their interviewer to admit that they hated where they used to work but an employer is just going to look at you as negative and wonder if someday you’ll say the same thing about working for them.
  5. Don’t relax too much! Of course you want to make sure you’re not nervous on a second interview because we all know how nerves can wreck a first (or second, in this case) impression, but you don’t want to act like you own the place.  It’s not cool to ask your interviewer “what’s up with them” or to ask if you can take your shoes off because your feet are killing you from all that bar hopping the night before.  You still need to maintain a professional demeanor.
  6. Don’t be too honest! Of course the point of a second interview is usually to further explore what qualities you bring to the table and how you can benefit a company and it’s important that you’re honest and professional in your answers to their questions.  You don’t want to be too honest though.  You really are not a morning person and you can’t stand being told what to do?  Please don’t tell them about it during your second interview.  Or you can kiss that job opportunity bye-bye right then and there.

Yes, most of this second interview advice is common sense.  But does everyone follow it?  Hell no!  Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article warning you not to do it.

You need to tread carefully on a second interview because usually the way you look, act and respond during a second interview is going to be what determines whether or not you get a job.

You need to make sure you avoid these more-common-than-you-think second interview no-no’s if you want to convince an employer that you belong in their company and not in a looney bin or behind bars.

Just because you’ve passed the first interview doesn’t mean you should neglect preparing yourself thoroughly for the second interview.

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To learn more about how to get an "unfair advantage" over your competitors, grab a FREE copy of my new resume course that can help you succeed where other job seekers have failed. Click here to discover my FREE, newly released Resume Rebel video series.