10 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Life-Long College Student: Part 1

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Look around you.  Are you becoming that guy who just won’t graduate and move on with his life?  We admit it, college is pretty damn cool, but at some point you have to set down that plastic Budweiser cup, stop banging 19 year olds, and trade that Eminem T-shirt for a suit and tie.  It’s time to grow up, Man!  Here’s 10 ways you can accelerate your hundred-year graduation plan and try to see some results by next millennium.life long college part 1

1. Get Up at the Buttcrack of Dawn

We’re not hear to talk about early birds and what they like to do with their worms, but waking up earlier than is comfortable makes you far more productive.  Yank your tired ass out of bed, hung over or not, and go for a jog.  You will be amazed at the results.

What this does is put your mind in a productive state from the beginning because you’re already doing something that is perceived as responsible, but it also makes for longer days.  More time = get more shit done.  Use those extra hours to get out on the streets and start career hunting.  You will find you have just as much energy as you did when you got up late, and perhaps even more.

2. Don’t Just Be a Waste of Space—Define Your Purpose

Why the hell are you going to school anyways?  Plenty of people party every night and live off macaroni and cheese without ever stepping foot in a classroom—you can see these guys down in the welfare line once a month picking up their check.

Don’t just go to school because everyone else is doing it.  The human brain thrives on having a purpose and without one will lose course.

The same goes for your job search.  Sit down and think about what you want out of a career.  With the end in mind, you can laser-target your resumes.

You wouldn’t walk into a bar and accidentley end up a sober driver for the night, would you?  Hell no.  Responsible living requires responsible choices.  The human brain responds best when you give it a distinct motivation.

3. Delude Yourself

Visualization is more than just a silly word your new-age parents stole from enlightened Buddhist monks when high on acid.  It really works.  Your imagination builds the neural pathways you need to get things done right the first time.  When starting out in college, visualize a successful experience.  Be specific and put some real time into this.  Note: drugs are not required for this experiment.

Psychologists have even shown athletes who visualize training have muscular gains as if they were actually exercising.  One study conducted at Bishop’s University compared the results of three study groups, giving one nothing to do but normal activity, another a weight training program, and yet another a visualization program.

Get this—while the control group who sat on their asses had no significant results and the meatheads had an expected 28% strength gains, the couch potatoes sat around thinking their way to fitness and gained an amazing 24% in strength!  Visualization is extremely powerful.

When setting out on the job hunt, do the same.  Imagine yourself being confident in interviews.  Prepare your mind for the best experience possible.  This kind of mental preparation will condition your mind for the variables that are sure to come.

4. Be a Workaholic

Forget what everyone’s told you about only taking 12 units to give yourself a chance to get in the swing of things.  That’s a crock of shit.  Slackers made up that nonsense to make themselves feel better, and with all that extra time you will surely be using it to drink yourself stupid.

Fill your schedule with classes.  Giving your brain a challenge stimulates potentials you didn’t even realize you had, and its well known that the human brain responds to whatever task is given.

When job-seeking, don’t be a wuss.  One interview a week?  Come on, you damned under-achiever!  And going for jobs bagging groceries because you don’t feel qualified to squeeze your foot in the door at a law firm?  Puh-lease.

Grow a pair and get out of your comfort zone.  Have the audacity to go to interviews beyond your qualifications.  You will be surprised at the opportunities you run into from those who respect your gumption and drive.  Nobody ever became a success in life by walking down easy-street.

5. Define Your Baby Steps

Small goals are the stepping-stones of life.  Ambition is great, and you should hold on to that ridiculous goal everyone laughs about behind your back…but if you want a chance in hell of getting there, set milestones.  With each small accomplishment, your psyche is rewarded and you develop the skills and confidence to make the big things happen.

To Be Continued…

(Try to make it back here for Part 2 before the years add up and you get wheeled out of class and carted off to a nursing home, would ya?)

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