Does Your Attitude Turn Employers Off?

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One of the biggest challenges facing the newest generation of college grads hitting the workforce is their own spoiled snot-nosed sense of entitlement.  Especially in a dwindling economy where things aren’t what they used to be, a lot of youngsters are facing a real reality check.does your attitude

Raised in a world where things came easy and there was always an easier job to settle into where some easygoing boss would take care of you, a lot of us are facing some hard lessons in a changing environment.  The world is evolving, and the individuals without the mental toughness to hack it are really going to suffer.

A lot of people are bitching about the rise of outsourcing and the inability of Americans to compete in the workforce, but it’s just a trait of modern man that when things go wrong we tend to look somewhere else to blame.  Once again, our generation’s sense of entitlement makes it even worse.  We don’t take responsibility for our lives and think just because we are American we should get jobs.

Outsourcing has a lot less to do with currency differences than it does with an American worker who just doesn’t make the cut anymore.  We’re losing now on the international playing field simply because we don’t know what true effort means.

We’ve become far too soft because we’ve been spoiled for far too long.  Even those who think they had it hard were spoiled.  Our culture was so wealthy when we grew up we never really knew what poverty was—go to India and walk down a back alley in Bombay.  When you can smell it in the air—that’s true poverty.  Americans just don’t understand that kind of hunger.

And to make matters worse for underachievers, even in the midst of an entire generation who tends to stick there hand out and expect something to be placed in it, a new breed is also emerging.  And this new breed is a force all its own, not only a direct contrast to the peers that make them look so good, but a far cry above the generations that came before as well.

Welcome to the age of the intrapreneur, the employee who treats his job like a it is his own business.  How such an independent strong personality rose in a generation of whiners is beyond me, but rise it did.  Perhaps it was because individuals with drive saw how easily effort got them somewhere due to the laziness of their peers.

The intrapreneur is rising, and I’m grateful for this because it’s the only thing that will save America from complete collapse.  They are taking over the work force, and people like that combined with outsourcing and a need for employers to get more output out of less resources, refugees are getting sent right back to the oles they crawled out of.

This is really evident everywhere you look.  The more progressive businesses across all industries are holding their workers more and more accountable for the results they produce.  You’ve got companies telling their workers, “Screw your paycheck.  For now on we don’t placate you and pick up your pacifier when you drop it in the dirt.”

Everyone is held accountable, everyone is evaluated for results, and those who aren’t producing won’t be working for long.

The intrapreneurs are being counted on to make it all happen, and they are solidifying their future in the process.  Because of these warriors, we’re all having to change, and maybe for the laziest that is a scary thought because now they have to work—imagine that! But what it does is improve you.  You’re being forced to take control of your life—to become an advanced human.  And a collective move across the board means we are all moving in this direction, we all become more productive, and in the end that means the advancement of not just America but the human race.

I’m not getting lofty on you here—I mean every word.  Excellence is on its way to becoming the rule rather than the exception, at least for those who remain employed.

It’s time to get rid of your entitlement.  Give it away.  It isn’t doing you any good anyhow.  Even if in your heart you really do feel deserving of success, deserving never got anyone anywhere, so let it go and get to getting. Stand up on your own two feet today, look yourself in the mirror and say, “Self.  If you want something in this world, you have to stand up, step forward and take it.  None of this sitting in the background sniveling about what you didn’t have or the bad luck that befell you along the way.

Because  I’m here to tell you that shit happens and shit will always happen and what matters is what you choose to do with that shit.  You can either sit around and feel sorry for yourself or grab the world by the balls and swing it in the direction you want.

The past is the past.  All you can do is think about today and onward, and if you want to control that you need to act.  No one is going to do it for you.

The world’s about to get a reality check.  The world is getting a reality check right now.  And a lot of us are about to learn that it’s time to grow up.

We’re here to help you become the new breed of employee.

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