Interview Job Tips: 4 Non-Verbal Eye Clues That Let You Read Their Mind!

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interview job tipsWhether you’re talking about interview job tips or just generalizing about life, the eyes are the windows to the soul. 

Oh great.  So you’re relying on by those blood-shot peepers you’re struggling to keep open to convey your star personality…You already made it this far, so you might as well make the most out of it.  By following these helpful interview job tips you can do just that.

A couple of hotshot psychologists named Richard Bandler and John Grinder invented a psychological field called neuron-linguistic programming that you need to know about, and one subject they often discussed often was what eye movements tell us about other people’s thoughts. 

 Here are some common signs which will allow you to mind read, and they’re just great interview job tips to follow.

What: Up and To the Right

Why: This eye movement happens when people are accessing the creative area of their brain and could very well mean they are lying.  This could be more of a concern for the employer than you, but if the interviewer starts studying the ceiling tiles and chewing on her lip around the same time she says they like your resume, you might not want to count on the job. 

       You should also keep these type of interview job tips in mind for yourself.  Don’t do it, or they might know you’re lying when you tell them that you’ve always wanted to get people coffee in the morning.

What: Sideways Glance

Why: Sideways glances are usually reserved for when their office enemy comes barreling out of nowhere plunging a letter opener towards their ear.  But other times it can be a sign of irritation.  Might be a good time to start back-pedaling from that off-color joke about rumors that they use sweat shops in China.

        If you’re the one giving the sideways glances you’re probably looking like a smart ass or a weirdo.  Definitely not things you want to convey to your interviewer, so again, make sure you’re using these interview job tips mind reading skills in mind- the interviewer might know these tricks too.

What: Looking directly Into Your Eyes

Why: A good sign of rapport.  Eye contact often means they are at least making the effort to connect and soak in every word.  A little head nodding says they are following along and approve of what you are saying.  This is a good sign, and is a step toward building rapport.  For the Charles Manson stare, see below.

       I know you want to show what a great interview job tips expert you are, but don’t stare too long and hard or you’ll end up making them think….

What: Long, intense Eye Contact

Why: Uh…awkward.  This is often an even better sign they’re lying—they are just trying hard to cover it up (either that or their invisible friend just told them to kill you).  This one can be tricky in an interview though because people in a formal situation who just met tend to put a lot of energy into the attention thing.  They could just be putting extra attention into paying very close attention.  In most cases, however, if true rapport has been built, paying attention will not seem like such a strain.

       This is like interview job tips 101 for you too- Don’t be creepy, just interested!

What: Tilting the head and Looking to the Side

Why: This is the body language of someone recalling something.  They might actually be listening to you for once…or maybe they forgot what you said and are trying to remember.  Either way, as far as inteview job tips go, don’t do this yourself because you shouldn’t be struggling to recall anything.  You know everything and that’s what makes you such an awesome fit for this job, remember?

What: Looking to the Right and Downwards.

Why: This is what people do when they are having mental dialogue.  Either they are trying to talk that invisible friend out of the killing you idea, or they are debating something.  This could mean they have mixed feelings about something you’ve said and are trying to decide how to accurately interpret it.

       And if you’re the one doing it, they’re going to be less worried about the fact that you’ve followed some other interview job tips and more concerned with whether or not you’re plotting your next killing spree.

What: Rapid Blinking Movements

Why: This is a sign of hard thinking.  Chances are they are not vibing well with you and their mind is straying or they are lying to you about something.  “We’ll call you next week.”  Sure you will.

        “I’ll be patiently waiting to hear from you,” BLINK BLINK BLINK.  (Although if you’re looking for actual helpful interview job tips, saying something like this isn’t good). 

What: Quick Glances

Why: A quick dart of the eyes is a sign that they desire something.  If the glance goes to nearest exit, they cannot wait for you to shut the hell up so they can leave and go back to their office friends with benefits down the hall.  If they keep glancing between your legs, well….you might have yourself a job!

       One of the best interview job tips for you- if you’re the one darting your eyes nervously around they will probably start to think you’re on drugs… and unless that’s what you’re going for, try not to do it!

What: Blinking in Sync With You

Why: When someone really feels rapport with you, their blinking may slow down and even begin to match yours.  This is a very good sign, and it usually comes across so natural you won’t even notice.

       Again, one of the most helpful interview job tips is not to do this too much yourself.  Creeper.

One thing to notice about looking at the above eye movements as far as interview job tips go is that it is never black and white, and there are several factors that could consider into a true interpretation.  After all, every situation is completely different than the next, with a host of never-before considered ideas to contend with.

But pay attention long enough and you might find, well, that you’ve been paying attention too much.  One important thing to remember about interview job tips is you were always using body movement to express yourself.  Sometimes the best way to read someone’s body language is to stop thinking about it and let your “gut feeling” tell you what you need to know.  Where rational minds sometimes overcomplicate, the body can save you. 

Yet, in this day and age, we have already trained ourselves to forget these things; thus learning about them becomes that much more important, which is the case with interview job tips as well.

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