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What is YOUR job hunting story?

To celebrate my reaching 4,500 followers on Twitter, I’ve decided to have a contest for everyone in our little job seeker community :^)

Here’s what I’m going to do:Hired_3D_rev_200

I’m going to GIVE AWAY a free copy of my Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired eBook package (worth about $170) – to the person who posts the MOST interesting story about his or her job hunting struggles… in the comments below.

As “Brain Food” I’ll list some questions you might want to answer in your “entry” below…

  • How did you get to this point, tell me your story?
  • What’s your biggest challenge or frustration right now? (ie resume, cover letter, going on job boards, interviewing, etc.)
  • What have you tried so far, but it didn’t work?
  • What have you tried so far, and it did work?
  • Why should you be chosen?

Now, this fun little contest is going to draw quite a few entries. No question. In order to keep things INTERESTING, I’m going to set a few quick rules…


1) You must write something INTERESTING. No one-liners that say “the economy sucks” or “there are no jobs out there.” I’m not even going to APPROVE comment entries that aren’t thoughtful, interesting, and REAL.

[***Bonus Points: Upload a video to YouTube of 5 minutes or less where you describe how you’ve struggled in your job search and give specific examples. Be sure to tag your video with “imm contest” in quotation marks. Click here to see what it should look like when you are uploading your video. Then leave a comment on this post with a link to your video and a brief description of what hasn’t been working for you (no need for more than 1-2 short paragraphs)***]

2) Do all of this no later than 10pm EST next Saturday, February 27th (in other words, start writing NOW).

3) I and a few secret judges will select our top favorites, and then you all will vote for the winner. I’ll also Tweet the name of the winner on Twitter, of course!

So get to it, and post a comment below telling your story about how you’ve struggled on your job search. You just might win $170 bucks worth of my best interview training!

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  1. F.G.

    I have been a office manager for a call center for the last 16 years.
    During that time I made good money and had a stable position. In dec 09 I
    was laid off and the company shut down. It went from 50 employees all the
    way down to 5. While I was working I never went to college because I
    thought I had a stable career. My question is how do I know what I qualify
    for now? What should my job goal be and how can I prove myself worthy for

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  2. Alex Freeman
    Alex Freeman

    On Valentines Day 2007, my wife of 19 years became suddenly ill with flu-like symptoms. Ultimately, I rushed her to the ER but just minutes after arriving she literally died before my very eyes from what turned out to be an aneurysm. I thought my life was over.

    I was blessed to meet the 2nd love of my life in 2008, and were married in December 2008. I chose to relocate, as I was ready for a change in scenery. Right now, the only thing lacking in my life is my career. When my first wife passed away, I did a lot of soul-searching about life and my work. What I discovered was that I have never really done something for which I had a passion. I’ve alway been successful in whatever I’ve done, so I think people would be surprised to know that I’ve never truly had a passion for any of my positions. I’ve worked at things in order to provide for my family and give them a better life, but I’m convinced I’ve never found that “bliss” in my career that I hear people speak of.

    When I decided to get remarried and I chose to be the one to relocate, I thought it would be a perfect catalyst for a career-change. But, unfortunately the economy was (and is) going through its roughest patch in my lifetime so I ultimately took “a bird in the hand” when an opportunity with another bank presented itself. But in many ways my desire to find “my calling” has been exacerbated with this decision, as I believe that potential hiring managers see me even more rooted in banking. I believe overcoming this preconception will be the hardest hurdle as I seek to re-define my career.

    I feel like I am a generalist in a world of specialists. I am highly intelligent, focused, and dogged in my pursuit of a career change but my most recent 9 years in banking seems to have pigeon-holed me in the eyes of others for continuing my current path in banking and sales. But I am looking for something different, something new, something that allows me to bring my full-range of talents and abilities to the table to benefit my employer.

    Humbly, there is relatively little I cannot do, given the opportunity. What I need….and this is the hard part, I know….is someone to take a “leap of faith” with me, allow me to prove myself and my abilities, especially those that don’t have a certification, degree, or specific training attached to them (see intangibles above). I long for the day when hiring managers and recruiters could meet with and assess a person, think to themselves “I like to cut of your Jib” (if you’re under 40, Google it), and then allow you the opportunity to prove yourself. But those days appear to be long gone…..

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