Sneaky Interview Tips: How To Annihilate Anxiety Before Your Next Job Interview

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When you’re looking for helpful job interview tips tworking out interview tipso help you land the job you desire, you’re probably not thinking about exercising.  What the heck does exercise have to do with job interview tips? Or even getting employers to respond to your resume? Today I’m going to focus on the former.

Believe it or not, getting exercise before an important interview is actually one of the best job interview tips you’ll ever receive.

Not only does exercise help relieve tension (just like a good resume helps you get responses from employers), nervousness and help reduce stress but it also has scientifically proven benefits that can help you do well on any interview.

Don’t go too far and show up to an interview dripping sweat and reeking of B.O., of course, but exercise is a great way to get rid of those pre-interview jitters.  In fact, many experts swear by exercise before an interview as one of the most fool proof interview tips of all time.

Why should you consider using exercise as one of your secret interview tips?

A Princeton (yes, those smarty pants intellectuals are always onto new and innovative methods of getting things done!) University study used rats to study the link between exercise and responses to stress.  Since most men are a lot like rats in so many respects, it’s pretty clear that their findings can apply to humans as well.

What the study revealed is that the rats that exercised showed decreased stressors in their brain activity over those that did not.  No wonder people that are in shape are so much happier than those that aren’t!  And not only are they happier, but they’ll also probably master these sneaky interview tips to exercise before an important interview and score better jobs.  Don’t let those skinny bitches steal the job you want.  You, too, can use these exercise interview tips to be just as happy and worry free on the day of an important interview.

The research conducted isn’t just limited to this Princeton study.  There are countless other studies that have shown that exercise increases mood, stamina, lowers stress levels and leads to overall well-being, including mental well-being.  Some studies have shown that exercise increases serotonin, while others have shown that exercise positively affects the dopamine in the brain.  Both of these are like “happy drugs” that occur naturally in our brains and who knew that by exercising to increase these chemicals you’ll be armed with one of the most effective interview tips ever.  Who needs drugs when you can pump your brain full of buzz- inducing chemicals while you work on making your body look better at the same time?

Keep in mind that exercise interview tips like running, aerobic exercise, boxing, swimming, or any other form of activity that gets your heart racing aren’t one hit wonders.  You can’t just work out on those days that you have interviews and expect a miracle to happen.  You need to do regular workouts in general so you don’t shock your system and show up to an interview looking like you just got run over by a bus, but make sure you follow these interview tips and work out the same day of an interview as well.

So pick your poison- whether dancing, blading, boarding or even just walking is your thing, make sure you start doing it regularly and then put these exercise interview tips into action.  I bet you’ll notice a difference the very first time you go on an interview after a workout.

And hey, if busting your ass in the gym or on the track isn’t really your thing, you could also just take up some really wild, crazy sex routine that lets you work that body.  Who wouldn’t love to go crazy right before an interview?  Your interviewer will wonder where your infectious smile is coming from, but it’ll be your little secret!

Exercising before an interview is one of the handiest proven interview tips you’ll ever receive, so put it in to action!

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