The Trait 84% Of Employers Look For—Hint: You Didn’t Learn It At School

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employers looking for traits 84In a string of professional interviews conducted for the New Your Times Job Market, the Beta Research Corporation found 84% of interviewed hiring managers in the New York Metropolitan area look for the “ability to learn quickly” as the number one skill in career candidates.  Hmmmm…a valuable chunk of information to stuff into your brain for later?  I think yes.  And though the thought of actually learning something probably scares the hell out of most of us, let’s think about how we can capitalize on this new piece of info.

Uuuuh, What’s Learning, Anyways?

After wasting a minimum of 13 years learning absolutely jack in an antiquated educational system, you just may have some screwed up ideas of what this word really means.  Well, it’s never too late to “unlearn” those bad habits.  But first you need to know where you’ve gone wrong.

Route Learning—Information Vomit

The type of learning our school system encourages is called route learning.  But that name is kind of boring, so let’s use another common term we like more.  On-demand regurgitation.  Now this is getting fun.

A Wonderful Analogy

I like to imagine a skinny woman walking into a restaurant, ordering three double bacon cheeseburgers, stacking them on top of each other, and somehow managing to stuff them all down her slender throat.  She burps, farts, and walks across the room to purposely barf all over her boyfriend’s back, who is on a date with another woman.

Yes, I Really Mean That

That pretty accurately describes the way our schools teach us to learn.  Starve yourself so you are mentally petite, cram all the information down before a test, and then puke it back up so none of it sticks around to make you gain intellectual weight.  Yeah, real frigging productive.  Who needs all that knowledge anyhow?

And we wonder why people think Americans are stupid—getting to the top simply means you have the ultimate regurgitation skills.  These guys mentally vomited their way up the food chain.

Applied Learning—Making it Stick

The more legit way to learn is Applied Learning.  This is when you soak up all that information and apply it right away.  More importantly, you use it to change your life somehow.  New knowledge sticks.

You didn’t just sit around discussing how to horf whiskey shots up your nose without getting sick and not put it into action.  You got your ass down to the bar and made things happen—became a real star for one blurry Tuesday afternoon.  Sure, it took a couple times to keep the “regurgitation” to a minimum, but you learned.

Why the Hell do They Care?

Except for you disadvantaged first level learners, it isn’t hard to see why this is a trait a boss would like.  Think about it.  While it might just be another job to you, your employers are running a business.  They are investing $35,000 and up per year in the hopes that you are going to not only make them more money but make their life easier.  The last thing they want is to pay that much money to BE a babysitter.

No, they want to teach you something and know it wasn’t time or money wasted.  They are sick and tired of high maintenance employees who don’t pull their own weight  So how can you send your boss the subliminal message that you are beyond a 3rd grade learning level and don’t need your diaper changed three times a day?

Well, number one—how about learning some memory tricks?  No need to trick them—learn how to learn.    There are all sorts of memory tricks that can be used to hack your brain and hack your life.  I can teach you a barrage of extremely simple tactics designed by the most intelligent NLP experts in the world to get instant learning success.

Second, drop subliminal messages in the interview.  With some well thought out answers to interview questions, and psychological subtleties as simple as remembering and repeating their name at least three times and as complex as using constructing stories to demonstrate your learning abilities, you can create the perception that you are in a league above the other candidates.  These tricks and techniques are a breeze to learn, especially once your memory skills are up to par.

Sign up for my newsletter today.  By using my skills and tactics, you can figure out how to capitalize on this information, as well as many other emotional and mental influences on employer behavior, and not only secure a career but become a success in any industry.

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