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It doesn’t need to be said that college students are closely linked to their cell phones. Whether its messaging during a boring class or sending out some regrettable late night texts, few have grown up without one of the devices securely fastened to their palms. While cell phones can help you with a range of tasks, one of the best ways to use your mobile device is to enhance your productivity.

A cell phone can help bolster your professional image and enable you to stay ahead of slow paced competition. Nevertheless, there are some ground rules when it comes to cell phone usage for personal reasons. First and foremost, when it comes to the workplace keep your cell phone apart from you. Few things are bigger red flags for employers than an employee hunched over their desk typing away on their cell phone keypads.

The same applies when it comes to prepping for an interview. Most people assume the interview begins when you come face to face with a hiring manager or some other authority figure. The fact of the matter is that the interview begins the minute you walk through the door. In fact, many workplaces routinely observe a potential hire as they enter and leave the building to determine how they act when not directly being watched. Refrain from texting or talking on your phone until you’re a safe distance away from prying eyes.

Now, the best way for you to maintain professional cell phone etiquette with your phone is to always be mindful of perceptions. Therefore, the first thing you are going to want to do is class up your voicemail. Screaming your name into the phone at a concert may have worked as a voicemail in college but you’re in the real world now. Keep the voicemail short and sweet. Invariably, someone important is going to call you at a bad time and they’ll be exposed to your voice mail. Make sure it’s an experience that doesn’t raise any eyebrows.

Also, use your cell phone to make timely calls. Procrastinating is easy when it comes to cell phones. You can ignore calls and delete voice mails or texts with a push of the button. However, a professional is prompt when it comes to getting back in touch with a potential employers or client. Make sure you’re on the ball and not keeping people dangling for days while you hem and haw about calling them back.

Finally, keep your social network connectivity to a minimum with your phone in the workplace. The last thing that needs to be seen by employers is Facebook or Twitter updates while you’re on the clock. Don’t think your boss is checking those? You’re so naive.

Any instances where cell phones have sunk your job prospects? Sound off below.

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